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A passionate celebration of god and his love, mercy, and holiness, the imitation of christ has inspired conversion and stimulated religious devotion for more than five hundred years. The imitation of christ by a kempis thomas free ebook. It is his edition that is here rendered into english, without deletion of chapters or. The joy of being like christ headlineas thomas kempis, a serene and devoted man of god, walked in the lords presence, he discovered priceless steps to becoming more like christ daily. Imitation of christ was written by a benedictine monk around 1429. Creasys a new reading of the 1441 latin autograph manuscript provides both scholarly and. It behooveth christ to suffer, and to rise again from the dead.

He suggests that while christs role involves serving as an example, his chief. Kempis demonstrates the individuals reliance on god and on the words of christ, and the. Feb 07, 20 the imitation of christ is a passionate celebration of gods love, mercy and holiness, which has stimulated religious devotion for over five hundred years. Foreward for the imitation of christ by thomas a kempis, a digital book in the international school of theologys cyber library which is a digital library for graduate seminary research, personal, and. The imitation of christ, free pdf, ebook global grey. In of the imitation of christ, which has been translated into more languages than any other book except the bible, the author presents timeless principles for. As editor and translator he was not without faults, but thanks to him the. The imitation of christ zippered cover by thomas a kempis. The truth he writes of transcends centuries and applies as much to todays modern manwoman as it did back then because it addresses the issues and attitudes that lie in the human heart. The imitation of christ by thomas a kempis free ebook manybooks.

You are greatly mistaken if you look for anything save to endure trials, for all this mortal life is full of troubles, job 14. The imitation of christ is a christian devotional book. Catholic church doctrines early works to 1800 subject. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by project gutenberg. Jan 20, 2012 born in germany around 80 and died in the netherlands in 1471, thomas a kempis is one of the most well known medieval catholic devotional writers. The imitation of christ is widely considered one of the greatest manuals of devotion in christianity. See more ideas about christ, the imitation and catholic.

Imitating christ and despising all vanities on earth. Imitation of christ thomas at kempis pdf afrikhepri. The life of christ is presented as the highest study possible to a mortal, as jesus teachings far excel all the teachings of the saints. The imitation of christ by thomas a kempis goodreads. The imitation of christ by thomas a kempis is a devotional classic for protestants and catholics that has brought comfort to millions for centuries. Written in a candid and conversational style, the imitation of christ discusses liberation from worldly inclinations, recollection as a preparation for prayer, the consolations of prayer, and the place of eucharistic communion in a devout life. Thomas a kempiss imitation of christ is an old book that deserves a new reading, and william c. As editor and translator he was not without faults, but thanks to him the imitation became and has remained, after the bible, the most widely read book in the world. The whole life of christ was a cross and a martyrdom, and do you seek rest and enjoyment for yourself. It is a handbook for spiritual life arising from the devotio moderna movement, of which kempis was a member. This work was composed during 14181427 penguin books, london, 1952 this edition was translated. These are the words of christ, by which we are taught, how we ought to imitate his life and manners, if we will be truly enlightened, and be delivered from all blindness of heart.

Although its authorship is a matter of controversy, the book is linked to the name of thomas a kempis. Imitation of christ, a christian devotional book written between 90 and 1440. The whole life of christ was a cross and martyrdom. The four books that make up of the imitation of christ, written around 1420 by the german canon thomas a kempis c. His teaching surpasseth all teaching of holy men, and such as have his spirit. This book is available for free download in a number of formats including epub, pdf, azw, mobi and more. Of the imitation of christ, and contempt of all the vanities of the world he that followeth me, walketh not in darkness, saith the lord. The imitation of christ by thomas a kempis free online ebook.

About the imitation first published anonymously in a. May our supreme effort therefore be to study the life of jesus christ. Thomas a kempis, christian theologian, the probable author of imitatio christi imitation of christ, a devotional book that, with the exception of the bible, has been considered the most influential work in christian literature. So long as we live in this world we cannot escape suffering and temptation. Whatever the identity of the author, he was a representative of the devotio moderna q. The imitation of christ by thomas a kempis, paperback.

Spiritual life catholic church early works to 1800 subject. Imitation du christ thomas a kempis pdf afrikhepri. The original source of this document is in the public domain. Table of contents introductory note the first book admonitions profitable for the spiritual life chapter i of the imitation of christ, and of contempt of the world and all its vanities chapter ii of thinking humbly of oneself chapter iii of the knowledge of. By these words of christ, we are exhorted to imitate his life and his habits, if we wish to be truly enlightened and free from all blindness of the heart. Of the imitation of christ by thomas a kempis the british. These miracles, perforce, ceased when the core of christian doctrine was established. It is his edition that is the imitation of christ thomas, a kempis. His imitation of christ, composed in latin in the netherlands between 1420 and 1427 has become a classic favorite to many. After the bible, the imitation of christ by thomas a kempis is the favorite book of catholics throughout the world and has been the spiritual guide of the saints since it first appeared in 1418. From both pursuits evolved the imitation of christ. The imitation of christ, image books, 1955 thomas a kempis was born in kempen, prussia in 79 into a family of artisans and metal workers.

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