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Me409 compressible fluid flow ktu notes ktu cff notes ktu students note textbook syllabus question papers ktu cff notes ktu s7 mechanical syllabus ktu s7 mechanical notes ktu s7 mechanical question paper ktu s7 mechatronics notes ktu s7 mechanical university question paper ktu s7 mech syllabus ktu s7 mechanical subject code ktu s7 mechatronics question paper ktu s7 mechanical model. Gas dynamics introduction lecture notes pdf compressible flow gas dynamics is the branch of fluid mechanics that deals with flows having significant changes in fluid density. Pdf gas tables for compressible flow calculation by s m. The density of a gas changes significantly along a streamline compressible flow definition of compressibility. Lecture 42 propagation of disturbances by a moving object. Part 1 irrotational flow part 2 viscous flow part 3 turbomachinery part 4 compressible flow lecture notes for me 310 numerical methods. Compressible flow at high pressure with linear equation of state william a. Compressible flow gas dynamics is a branch of fluid mechanics that deals. Onedimensional compressible flow i and ii including areavelocity relations lecture 7. The purpose of this course is to introduce students in aeronautics and astronautics to. Niklas andersson chalmers university of technology. The study of compressible flow is relevant to highspeed aircraft, jet engines, gas pipelines, commercial applications such as abrasive blasting, and many other fields. Also, we are neglecting noninertial effects and other mechanisms of vorticity generation. Fundamentals of compressible flow stanford university.

This video lecture is for exams like gate eseies ias and for any university course on gas dynamics or heat transfer. A complete set of lecture notes for an upperdivision. All the notes will be uploaded in subsequent posts. Fundamentals of compressible flow mechanics pdf 376p fundamentals of compressible flow mechanics pdf 376p currently this section contains no detailed description for the page, will update this page soon. Gasdynamics is the discipline that studies the flow of compressible fluids and forms an important branch of fluid mechanics. The navierstokes equations september 9, 2015 1 goal in this lecture we present the navierstokes equations nse of continuum uid mechanics. Fundamentals of compressible flow mechanics pdf 376p advertisement. The traditional approach is to derive teh nse by applying newtons law to a nite volume of uid. Course description topics include quasionedimensional isentropic flow in variable area ducts, normal shock waves, oblique shock and expansion waves, flow in ducts with friction and heat transfer, unsteady onedimensional flow, and steady twodimensional supersonic flow. Aug, 2015 the study of compressible flow is relevant to highspeed aircraft, jet engines, gas pipelines, commercial applications such as abrasive blasting, and many other fields. Documents related to the compressible flow course such as formula collection, theory questions, and lecture notes for all lectures except for the guest lectures can be found here. Introduction to compressible flow me 322 lecture slides, winter 2007 gerald recktenwald. Note that for compressible flow this is not the case in regions of large entropy gradient. Note that as a result of steady flow the mass flow rate into a control volume is equal to the.

Mass conservation, eulers equation sound speed, mach number. Fluid statics, kinematics of fluid, conservation equations and analysis of finite control volume, equations of motion and mechanical energy, principles of physical similarity and dimensional analysis, flow of ideal fluids viscous incompressible flows, laminar boundary layers, turbulent flow, applications of viscous flows. Many engineering tasks require the compressible flow applications typically in. Lecture 44 implications of linearized supersonic flow on airfoil lift and drag. Classification of fluids though gases are compressible, the density changes they undergo at low speeds may not be.

Nov 07, 20 title slide of modern compressible flow by j. Of course, it is possible to account for all the forms of energy. Twodimensional flow, lift and drag ii, java applet. The use of mathcad as a lecture aid for compressible flow. To distinguish between compressible and incompressible flow in gases, the mach number the ratio of the speed of the. This, together with condition of mass conservation, i. Mdb 2053fluid mechanics ii compressible fluid flow part 3.

Lecture 43 linearized compressible potential flow governing equation. Consider gas flowing in a duct which varies in size. Converging ducts nozzles, choking lecture 06 notes lecture 07 notes lecture 08 notes youtube. Mar 20, 2016 this video lecture is for exams like gate eseies ias and for any university course on gas dynamics or heat transfer. Since the temperature of the homentropic atmosphere falls linearly with height according to eq. Lecture notes aerodynamics aeronautics and astronautics. Sirignano y department of mechanical and aerospace engineering, unive rsity of california, irvine, ca 92697, usa received xx. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Compressible flow onedimensional isentropic flow variation of fluid velocity with flow area this is an important relationship for ma v of bernoulli eqn. View notes lecture 14 compressible fluid flow part 3. Be able to use and manipulate isentropic relationships between p, t. In this case we will consider the flow to be adiabatic also, that is, with no heat transfer. We know that fluids are classified as incompressible and compressible fluids. Compressible flow at high pressure with linear equation of state.

The subject of compressible flow or gas dynamics deals with the thermofluid dynamic problems of gases and vapours it is now an important part of the undergraduate and postgraduate curricula. Preface these are a set of class notes for a gas dynamicsviscous. Thermo ideal gases steady isentropic flow, stagnation state. Course syllabus pdf download prerequisites this course assumes previous basic knowledge in fluid mechanics. Potential flow theory 1 determine i from solution to laplace equation 2i 0 b. A collection of useful links related to compressible flows can be found here. Me 322 lecture notes winter 2007 computer action team. Densitybased methods represent a large class of schemes adopted for compressible flows.

With due course of time, the compression wave moves downstream and the information is. Energy equation entropy equation flow with fricton, fanno line. Compressible flow solvers for low mach number flows a. Variable area flow, choked flow, subsonic and supersonic nozzles, restrictors. Gas tables for compressible flow calculation by s m yahya pdf file free download gas tables for compressible flow calculation by s m yahya pdf how to download pdf of gas tables for compressible flow calculation by s m yahya free. It is interesting to note that the invicid compressible. Be able to list fluid properties associated with compressible flow. Download fundamentals of compressible flow with aircraft and. Application of pdf methods to compressible turbulent. Read and fill in missing information in abridged notes. The response of the flow to specific type of area change is exactly opposite for subsonic and supersonic flow as described in the last lecture in tabulated form. Below is the sample of the lecture note and below that the link is given for you to download. In this book we give a broad introduction to the basics of compressible fluid flow.

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Minimum areas occur at the inlet of simply diverging passage, the outlet of. While the time involved in preparing the initial set. Lecture2 onedimensional compressible fluid flow in. As the main goal of this lecture series is the mathematical theory, we avoid a detailed derivation of the mathematical model of a compressible viscous. Upgrade to prime and access all answers at a price as low as rs. Anderson slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Lets go on to apply the knowledge of entropy to the flow of compressible fluids starting with isentropic flow. Understand the effect of heat transfer in compressible flows. Fundamentals of compressible flow mechanics pdf 376p. For dry air at 20 c with d75and mmol d29g mol1, the sound speed comes to c0 d343m s1 d1235km h1. A particle method applying the probability density function pdf. Compressible fluids michigan technological university.

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