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River borne nutrients, especially nitrogen, contribute to water quality degradation in long island sound. It is my watershed address and i am thankful for crc investing their time and energy in stewarding and advocating for our home river. Connecticut river watershed connecticut river is located in new england region. The connecticut river is the longest tidal river in the northeastern united states. The connecticut river is the only major river in the northeastern u. Connecticut river national blueway united states fish. Rivers alliance of connecticut administers this smallgrants program with funding from the connecticut department of energy and environmental protection deep and the u. Point source pollution is a single, identifiable source of pollution into the environment. The upper connecticut river in new hampshire and vermont flows mainly through a confined valley. This is certainly true about connecticut river if you think about its whole length. It begins at fort connecticut lake, passes through the states of new hampshire, vermont, massachusetts, and connecticut, and flown into long island sound. On may 24, 2012, former secretary of the interior ken salazar announced that the 410mile long connecticut river and its 7.

The connecticut river and its tributaries are much cleaner today than they were decades ago. Department of civil and environmental engineering 4. But, there are times particularly after rain when bacteria in our rivers still might make you sick. Trip ideas and itineraries are meant as suggestions only. The connecticut river blueway will have a priority for these funding. The connecticut river watershed council is the principal nonprofit environmental advocate for protection, restoration, and sustainable use of the connecticut river and its watershed. The flying eyeball and its cousin, the poking eyeball, are prototype underwater camera systems developed by u. Connecticut river watershed council 15 bank row greenfield, ma 0511. A drainage basin is an area of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water such as a river, lake, wetland or ocean. Conte was an avid sportsman and environmentalist who represented massachusetts in congress for 32 years. The lower connecticut river is part of a massive 7. It includes thirtytwo gpscompatible maps that together map the entire length of the river. Connect gis and autocad software to this information online using the watershed ct eco map service. Connecticut river and its watershed as first national blueway.

In 1943, several years after the railway had been abandoned, dr. No award sbembe requirement included in contract ctrecovery dbe epp organization. In support of raised bill 6352 an act establishing a tire stewardship program. The estuary contains highquality tidal wetlands selected as wetlands of international importance. Ct ecos mission is to encourage, support, and promote informed land use and development decisions in connecticut by. The expansive connecticut river museum hosts a wide range of programs from river. Connecticut local drainage basins includes 2,898 drainage basin areas. Some examples of point source pollution are wastes from drainage pipes, thermal pollution from factories, and gasses released into the atmosphere. Visit the salmon river watershed partnership to learn more. The department of administrative services business network. Secretary of the interior ken salazar today signed a secretarial order establishing a national blueways system and announced that the 410milelong connecticut river and its 7.

Photo of sand on the bottom of the connecticut river taken by the flying eyeball in autumn 20. The connecticut river is the longest river in the new england region of the united states, flowing roughly southward for 406 miles 653 km through four states. We provide members with a variety of opportunities. Wild, natural scenery abounds along the 410mile connecticut river, which is heralded as the firstand onlynational blueway designated under the americas great outdoors initiative by the obama administration in 2012. It is a broadbased citizen advocate organization for the environmental wellbeing of the entire connecticut river.

The connecticut river watershed council crwc is a 501c3 charitable organization founded in l952. Removing dams, improving infrastructure, repairing riverbanks. S, 2010 opened water testing lab to process water samples for bacteria. As stewards of this heritage, we celebrate our fourstate treasure and collaborate, educate.

Organizations receiving grants clean water act section 319 watershed assistance small grants program. The clean water act, smart investments, and the hard work of many people have made this possible. Connecticut river named countrys first national blueway. The connecticut river watershed encompasses 11,260 square miles, connecting 148 tributaries, including 38 major rivers and numerous lakes and ponds. Connecticut river conservancy, greenfield, massachusetts. To ensure the protection of the connecticut river watershed, he introduced federal legislation establishing the refuge that now bears his name. Way back in the early days of nemo, a map for each of connecticut s 169 towns was created showing the watersheds that make up each town. The program was dismantled in 2014, but the national landmark that is the connecticut river endures. Connecticut river watershed council the river connects us lower valley. State contracting portal search search contractsresults. The connecticut river and its tributaries support most of the known viable populations of the federally endangered dwarf wedgemussel. Connecticut river national blueway us fish and wildlife service. Although the maps are not cutting edge and not even new, they are still quite useful.

Available fishing info on lake maps includes boat ramps, boat launches, fish attractor locations, fishing points, stream flowage lines. Crwfa connecticut river watershed farmers alliance. In 2012, the river and its watershed were designated as the usas first national blueway. Point sources of pollution are usually the first to be identified and addressed. The connecticut river flow restoration study is a watershed scale assessment of the potential for flow restoration through dam reoperation. Conte national fish and wildlife refuge is the only multistate, watershed wide refuge in the us fish and. Connecticut drainage basin data is downloadable from deep gis data. The way connecticut currently treats scrap tires is a recipe for illegal dumping. Nutrient loads from the upper connecticut river watershed. Hartford, ct as part of president obamas americas great outdoors initiative, officials from the department of the interior doi, the department of agriculture usda and the department of the army civil works today announced that a memorandum of understanding mou has been signed outlining collaborative efforts to enhance conservation. Ct river was recently named the first national blueway. I never had luck in either of the latter two but that was probably 25 years ago when i could actually get to the south shore from where i lived at the time. Shepaug greenway a project of the steep rock association and the roxbury land trust, this greenway protects the open spaces and important habitats in the shepaug river watershed larkin state park trail this multiuse trail was originally a rail line running between waterbury and brewster, ny.

The connecticut river is named after the pequot word quinetucket, meaning long tidal river. Here is the list of connecticut lakes maps available on iboating. A group left the massachusetts bay colony from watertown, seeking a site. Data for twentyeight river reaches include information on mileage, navigability, difficulty, sources of flow information, portages, camping, usgs maps and noaa. This tool will help you understand trends in water cleanliness at sites throughout the connecticut river watershed, including many popular. Weap is a userfriendly software tool that takes an integrated approach to water resource planning. It is home to many wildlife species, including bear, moose, bobcat, wild turkey, bald eagle, trout, shad, and 10 federally threatened or endangered species. Ct river watershed facts connecticut river conservancy. Connecticut river watershed are 10 federally threatened or endangered species. Locate your watershed mapping interface for science in your watershed of the u. The connecticut river watershed council is offering single copies of freshwater mussels of the connecticut river watershed for free to anyone willing to pick up their copy at the greenfield ma or middletown ct offices. The ct river watershed in mass is easiest to get to for me, but on the south shore theres the indianhead, and supposedly the south and jones rivers have small runs.

Pomfret, vermont the connecticut river conservancy crc continued its dam removal and river restoration work in 2018, removing three old dams in vermont november 2nd, 2018 learn about the health of beaver brook, wilmington, vt. The people who live along the connecticut watershed started waking up to. Ct eco is a partnership between the connecticut department of energy and environmental protection and the university of connecticut. Photo of sand on the bottom of the connecticut river. Saxtons river village, the west and white river valleys, the ammonoosuc community trust and connecticut lakes region are a few examples. Welcome to the crwfa the connecticut river watershed alliance. Environmental protection agency epa under section 319 of the clean water act. The connecticut river is the largest tributary to the sound, and quantification of nutrient loads from the three upper states in the watershed, as well as the state of connecticut, is essential for prioritizing efforts to improve the sounds water quality. To help farmers improve their land stewardship practices for clean waterways, productive landscapes and the economic sustainability of our agricultural community. This is the allnew edition of the connecticut river boating guide, the standard resource for boaters, canoeists, and kayakers. Getting all the data in the lrs has made it easy to provide insight and reporting, which took a lot of manual work before. Secretary of the interior ken salazar has signed a secretarial order establishing a national blueways system and announced that the 410milelong connecticut river and its 7. The precipitation runoff modeling system prms is a modular design, distributed parameter, physical process watershed model developed to evaluate the effects of various combinations of precipitation, climate, and land use on watershed response. Splitting new england in two, the river touches four of the six new england states.

The connecticut river watershed spans four states in new england. Roger tory peterson once said that the most impressive avian spectacle was along the connecticut river, where hundreds of thousands of tree swallows. The river watershed drainage area is about 11264 square miles with elevation between 1916 m and sea level. It is my watershed address and i am thankful for crc investing their time and energy in stewarding and advocating for our home. The council s headquarters is located in easthampton, massachusetts. In 2012, the connecticut river and watershed was named the nations first, and only, national blueway.

Also the two organizations have worked on collaborative grant applications, fundraising, and projects. Watershed lets us put the full experience of a learner together and interrogate the content from one tool and compare it to the data from all others. Conserving land is a noncontroversial way of ensur ing that private. Water management and climate change in the connecticut. The connecticut river watershed the trust for public land. Running from the canadian border to long island sound, the connecticut river and its watershed include 2. Crwc works to protect the watershed from source to sea. Connecticut river watershed named americas first national blueway. Army corps of engineers usace, and completed in june 2018, the study is designed to examine whether operational changes at the watershed s largest dams could restore more natural flow. Watershed characteristics usually change as rivers move from the highlands to the plains. Ct river declared national blueway new england boating.

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