Excel 2011 for mac slow to start up

They asked for a copy of the file, forwarded it to the development team, identified two issues and are working on a fix. Before reinstalling a new macos, be sure to back up your files and applications to an external hard drive. Now i have gone onto the editor and clicked on the stop button but i still cant select a new command. Excel for mac 2011 is a powerful spreadsheet and data analysis application, but to use it most effectively, you first have to understand the basics. Top ways to troubleshoot issues of office for macos 10. A simple explanation your mac is just not technically fit to run mojave. Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in excel for mac. Excel for mac crashes and slow performance fixed excel does not respond when using save as picture workaround excel prompts you to grant access to files and then hangs or shows a warning that it cannot open the. I am new to vba programing and want to practice on my mac. This is the first part of how to speed up slow running macos catalina. I notice that when i download an update to office, an application, such as excel, starts up and displays a blank spreadsheet with 12 seconds. Yes the internal drive is way faster when working properly than an external, but a clean install to even a slow bus powered 2.

As others have suggested your best option is to use the windows version. Like a car, it can be much slower to take off to 60 mph if youve got loads of heavy items in the trunk. If a new version is available, update software and youre good to go. I want to add another command button into my spreadsheet but it wont let me select it from the toolbar. This problem occurs when the computer experiences high network latency. Apart from this there is no third party software loaded. Hey phil, having a problem with my 2011 macbook pro, the cpu usage.

I currently have a command button already where i can click on it and it performs a macro by inserting a new row. Millions of people use it to track, store, arrange and calculate data. If microsoft office for mac 2011 is crashing when it starts up in mac os x 10. Is this a usingexcelwithamac type issue or is my macbook just old. Authorize it and run it and these 2 steps should clean up your mac. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we.

Set up email and install office on a windows phone. Anyway when he first opens up excel it takes a long time to open. As another month starts, microsoft is rolling out a new build of the office suite of apps to users in the slow ring of the insider program on macos. As a followup to this thread, at the most recent mvp summit i asked microsoft why my snowflake counting code ran so much slower in excel 2011 macintosh. Visit the faculty exploratory or knowledge navigation center on. Close the registry editor and restart your computer. Troubleshoot office 2011 for mac issues by completely uninstalling before you reinstall. Extremely slow office 2011 word 2011 not at startup.

Often times the rainbow wheel will come up and then go away after a bit. Create a new blank workbook in excel, you create and save data in a workbook. Transposing, formulas, lists, and other ui issues, i have not been pleased with excel for mac. If office is taking a long time to install you may be on a slow connection. The following macro runs remarkably slowly in ms excel for mac office 2011. But other, notsonecessary programs may be piling up in your macs login items list, tooones that set themselves to launch automatically without asking first. It seems that the software had limited testing, and that the team just pushed the product to market.

Another factor that may be slowing down your system is the macs resume feature, which reopens any and all apps you had running when you shut down your mac. Enableevents false fixed the problem but not anymore in office 2011. Ill start by going through the basics of using word, walking through the interface, understanding the views, and getting text on that. Portions of these videos feature the use of statplus le, an addon to excel for mac. Our excel course is designed for beginners and advanced users alike. Getting started with excel 2011 a university of michigan library instructional technology workshop need help. So it is quicker for me to launch parallels then pc excel than use mac excel.

When you start microsoft word for mac, or when you try to open a new document, you experience. However, it appears that the bar that was on the top of my excel document where i startrun the program by pressing a play button has disappeared. A university of michigan library instructional technology. If for some reason your mac is running slow after macos catalina update, dont panic. Microsoft has released a new office suite for mac users for 2011, and the new version of word has some features to make it easier than ever to create great documents. Troubleshoot installing office microsoft office support office 365. Then release the keys when you hear the sound for the second time. To resolve this problem, use one of the following methods, depending on your version of office for mac. It provides a variety of template choices and quick access to recent workbooks. Microsoft office for mac 2011 offers a solid update to the word, excel, powerpoint, and the other members of the productivity suite. Use excel for mac 2011 to check out a sharepoint file so that only you can make changes.

I was wondering if it was a mac issues, but i guess not. Fixes or workarounds for recent issues in excel for mac excel for mac. For 100 data points in the fornext loop, it takes 10 seconds. If the installation finishes successfully, you can remove the update installer from your hard disk. Office workers, business people, teachers, support staff, and anyone who wants to use the computer to track, figure out, and report information. After that go ahead and open excel to see if it is still running slow. Describes a problem in which excel experiences a slow startup when you have a managed addin for excel installed on a computer that is joined to a domain. I know someone who had microsoft office 2011 crashing on a recent macbook pro, and fixed the problem by.

You can start with a blank workbook, an existing saved workbook, or a template. One of the most reported macos mojave problems is a mac getting stuck in the middle of the mojave installation. In rare cases, some of those settings be get corrupted, and a reset of pram may be a solution. You can open activity monitor from applicationsutilities then go to the cpu. It even doesnt matter the size of the file, excel takes awhile to load.

The pram on a mac is a temporary storage that holds various system settings and configurations. Pivottables in excel 2011 are in many ways like those in excel 2010, but the mac version does not support all of the highend featuresincluding slicers or builtin database connectivityfound. Speed up slow macos sierra with reduce motion and transparency. You might want to try swapping it out, since a drive that is about to fail will sometimes slow right down. Make sure that your mac os x partition is selected it will be highlighted in blue, if not click on it to select it. Click report to see more details or send a report to apple. Also heres another thing, once excel finally opens a file,opening any other file is quick. Hopefully in the next version microsoft will add a few more hamsters to wheel inside the spreadsheet engine. Crashes especially at startup and slow performances. Granted excel 20 for pc is awesome, and i love working with it. Xlsb and as eliminating the need to copy vba code to every file that requires.

In a previous version for office 2004, the line application. Following up on last months updates, this release comes with version number 16. Office for mac 2011 slow to start microsoft community. So, update your macos and speed up your mac, go to the apple menu and click about this mac. Excel 2011 is much quicker than excel 2008 for mac, but it is still way slower than the windows version of excel with large complicated spreadsheets. Also note that office 2004 was written for powerpc chips, but youre running it on an intel mac. My excel file is only 500 kb and theres a noticeable lag when i click buttons or change something. Perhaps the problem is using the legacy version, excel. Excel experiences a slow startup when you have a managed. It would be nice if it was fast enough to set it up to run based on an automated folder. Microsoft office 2011 for mac free download and software. Slow ring office insiders on macos get new features for. Then repeat the test for a windows pc, starting with the pc turned off.

If you want to download and install office 20 or office for mac 2011, see install office 20 on a pc or install. Since catalina is continuously updating to minimize the problems and maximize the quality of use, make sure you update to the latest version of macos catalina whether youve installed on mac or on a virtual machine on virtualbox or vmware workstation player. See the full list of keyboard shortcuts, organized into logical categories. If that is as slow or slower than your timings have it repaired. I have run the exact same 84kb excel file on my 20 macbook pro.

For the record, ive got a mac mini late 2014 base model so 4gb ram, 1. How to speed up slow running macos catalina geekrar. How to fix microsoft office for mac 2011 crashing in mac os x. A possible fix for the excel slow file opening bug. First, shut down your mac, press the start key or button.

There can be various reasons why your mac starts running slowly. There are some posts floating around the net about something with fonts causing excel on os x to run slow and suggestions to get it to run better. Why does my mac retina start lagging in microsoft. It doesnt matter if the file is on the network or local. All other programs including word are completely normal. Extremely slow office 2011 word 2011 not at startup apple ios. Excel is the worlds most popular spreadsheet program. Known issues, changed functionality, and blocked or discontinued features. So, i did a startup test today with outlook, word, and excel, vs mail, pages, and numbers. Ive searched for issues regarding nonworking vba code written for excel 2010 and compatibility wit excel 2011 for mac.

Given that you have a retina model, your computer is fairly new and is probably not the problem. If your macbook air is still running an older macos, consider updating your mac. The first thing to try in this case is a pram reset. If microsoft word seems to react poorly to any command for processing a task, you may need to look for updating to the latest service pack. What to do when excel opens very slowly bruceb news. There is no delay if excel is already running when you doubleclick the file. It is almost as if there are wait looping in the upgrade for the 2011 folks. Word for mac closes or quit unexpectedly office microsoft docs. Then, with a quick bit of code, you can show userform when excel file opens, so the form is easy to find and use.

Microsoft office wont work properly with upgrading to sierra on macbook air. Powerpoint is fast but excel is just sluggish enough to be annoying. Show userform when excel file opens contextures blog. When you open excel, the excel workbook gallery opens. If you remember to start excel first, or if it is already running with another file open, then the clicked file will load immediately. What kind of mac, how much ram, how much diskssd space available. To help users enter data in a workbook, you can create an excel userform, with text boxes and combo boxes. If i use office 2003 on a virtual environment running win7 on my brand new mbp17 its lot lot faster. Even small spreadsheets slow in excel for mac 2011. Excel 2011 for mac is unreliable, and i dont trust it. Parts inventory data entry form here is the parts inventory data continue reading show userform when excel file opens. Now i cant run my programs anymore simply because the bar i used before to start the program is gone. Excel for mac 2011 lets you create easytoanalyze spreadsheets you can post online to view, edit, share, or coauthor with your team from virtually anywhere clarify your data using conditional formatting with icons, data bars, and color scales. I recon due to the new layout pc and mac just has to load much more.

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